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On-Farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate Scheme



WHAT is the scheme

  • The Tasmanian and Australian Governments are offering a rebate to primary producers and horticultural farmers to purchase and install new on-farm water infrastructure, or repair and replace damaged infrastructure.
  • These rebates address animal welfare needs, permanent planting needs, recovery from natural disasters and improve resilience to drought.
  • Recipients will be required to demonstrate that they are from the grazing or horticulture industries, and they are drought affected or impacted by an eligible natural disaster.
  • The Scheme provides a one-off 25 per cent rebate up to $25,000 (GST exclusive) to eligible primary producers and horticulture farmers for the costs associated with the purchase and installation of eligible on-farm water infrastructure and/or repairs.

WHO is Eligible?

  • primary producer or horticultural farmer running a business.
  • property owner, share farmer or lease holder of livestock grazing.
  • undertake project activities for grazing livestock or permanent plantings that the landholder owns (for example, not stock agisted on their property)
  • be located in one of the 18 Local Government Areas (LGAs) impacted by the natural disaster of the floods in October 2022 across Northern Tasmania, primarily Break O’Day, Burnie, Central Coast, Central Highlands, Circular Head, Devonport, Dorset, Flinders, George Town, Glamorgan-Spring Bay, Kentish, Latrobe, Launceston, Meander Valley, Northern Midlands, Waratah-Wynyard, West Coast and West Tamar.

WHEN to apply?

  • Applications to assess eligibility under the Scheme opened on 18 October 2023 and will close on 31 December 2023. No applications will be accepted after this date. Late submissions will not be accepted.
  • Applications for a rebate under the Scheme must be made through SmartyGrants available at www.nre.tas.gov.au and include or attach the information and documentation specified.
  • Once you have been notified that your application is approved, you can submit claims up  until 29 March 2024. Claims for payment cannot be guaranteed if they have been submitted after the claim closing date of 29 March 2024. If a primary producer or horticultural farmer is not able to complete the claim by 29 March 2024 they need to contact AgriGrowth Tasmania through FarmPoint as soon as possible prior to 29 March 2024.

WHAT activities are eligible?

Water infrastructure must be purchased and installed for genuine animal welfare purposes or to maintain existing permanent horticultural plantings that will also improve drought resilience.

Eligibility for primary producers applies to:

  1. new water infrastructure purchased after 30 June 2018, or in the case of damaged infrastructure after 1 January 2022
  2. the purchase and installation, repair, or replacement of:
    1. pipes
    2. water storage devices such as tanks and troughs associated with stock watering
    3. water pumps and associated water distribution systems
  3. the drilling of new stock and horticulture water bores and associated power supply such as generators
  4. desilting dams
  5. Other activities as agreed by the Commonwealth and consistent with the output and purpose of the Program.

Eligibility for horticultural farmers applies to:

  1. new water infrastructure purchased after 30 June 2019, or in the case of damaged infrastructure 31 December 2021
  2. the purchase and installation, repair, or replacement of:
    1. the drilling of new horticulture groundwater bores and
    2. desilting dams
  3. Other activities as agreed by the Commonwealth and consistent with the output and purpose of the Program

Eligibility for the rebate to cover expenses related to damaged water infrastructure applies to:

  1. natural disasters occurring after 12 October 2022
  2. repair or replacement of damaged infrastructure (limited to the items listed above)
  3. applications that do not include funds from insurance and other grants as part of the 75% contribution required of applicants.

Can I build a new dam?

No. Construction of new dams or modification of an existing dam (except for desilting) are ineligible under this program.

MORE information?

The Scheme is administered by AgriGrowth Tasmania in the Agriculture, Forestry and Water Strategic Business Unit of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania (NRE Tas) (the Department).

AgriGrowth Tasmanian asks prospective applicants for the rebate to carefully consider the eligibility criteria and the list of eligible and ineligible activities before submitting an application.

Please call AgriGrowth Tasmania through FarmPoint farmpoint@nre.tas.gov.au or phone 1300 292 292. They are able to assist with enquiries at any time in the process.

The Infrastructure Rebate Scheme Guidelines can be found here.

The Rebate Scheme Frequently Asked Questions can be found here.

As always, your Team at Camerons is available to assist you with any queries and with preparation of your application.