At Camerons we develop great people to become exceptional accountants, financial planners and administrators.  We offer a strong career trajectory with a leading local firm and provide first-rate professional development support.  If you want to be an exceptional accountant or finance professional we will help you get there.

Working with us

We’re a progressive company squarely focused on the success of our clients and our people.  We provide professional, comprehensive and cost-effective accounting and financial services to all sectors of industry, commerce and individuals.  We do this through a balance of innovation, practicality and genuine industry expertise.  We are trusted business advisors to our clients and community.

We are proud of our established reputation achieved through objectivity, integrity and independence.  We are locally owned and are one of the largest regional firms in Australia.

Our team

Our people are our greatest asset.  We are passionate about our profession, our clients and our colleagues; we:
•    enjoy working hard, achieving great outcomes and helping others succeed;
•    have a desire to continue to learn, grow, develop and support others to do the same;
•    want a career and want to make a difference – for our colleagues, our clients and our community;
•    are kind and respectful with sound ethical and moral principles.

A career not just a graduate program

We don’t believe in graduate programs where only a few people gain employment after completion.  At Camerons we offer you an ongoing career from day one.  We have a strong history of supporting students through their undergraduate and postgraduate studies.  We recognise that many people want to complement their academic studies with relevant work experience.  We believe this provides the best of both worlds. By working and studying concurrently, your work informs your study and your study informs your work.  When you join Camerons many of your colleagues will have done exactly that and understand not just the course material you are studying but also its practical application and how to successfully balance working and studying concurrently.

Professional development

Our study support program helps you to complete your degree and CA/CPA through provision of financial support and workplace flexibility; and it continues to reward you as your studies progress. Once qualified, our ongoing professional development will keep you up to date with changes in the industry and support maintaining and growing your technical and practical knowledge.

Flexibility and Family

Our families are important to us, our study is important and our personal commitments and interests are important to us too.  We recognize and embrace that they are important to you too.

Current opportunities

There are no open positions available at this time.

Contact us to express interest in working with Camerons in the future or to talk to our Human Resources Manager about what its like to work at Camerons.